Anchor Finance Group and its CEO, Nasim Siddiqi, were recently the target of an extortion based scam involving phishing, email spoofing, and fictitious comments. 


Advisory Notice

We advise our clients to verify directly with us any emails claiming to be from AFG stating that our banking details for payment or disbursement have changed. We have contracted with a third-party security team to help resolve this matter. 


Certain cybercriminals targeted AFG and our clients. They sought to extort AFG by requesting money in exchange for stopping email scams and from proliferating false information about AFG.

We remain firm in our stance of non-compliance with any demands from cybercriminals and continue to faithfully serve our clients.

Scam website related to Nasim Siddiqi.

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Phone: +1(631) 574-4414

e-Fax:  +1(888) 708-9669

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